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  1. Instagram Photo of the Month – July 2016

    Date 03 Aug 2016
    This was on a tour out of Cerro Catedral in Bariloche, Argentina. We did a couple laps before this and were on our last run down at the end of the day. Piers Solomon and I spotted this patch of fresh snow, and he powered in with a classic turn This…

  2. Will the Weather Clear?

    Date 12 Jul 2016
    It was a rainy Utah day, a rarity for a city located in a desert. Downpours on and off all morning and into the afternoon, an office day, editing photos, and catching up on other computer work that often gets pushed off when the weather is good. However a quick glance…

  3. Road Trip

    Date 05 Jul 2016
    The sun is just starting to rise for the day, but you are up early trying to make the most of the day. The car is all packed up ready to go, a tall mug of hot coffee sitting in your cup holder. You have been looking forward to this trip for…

  4. Instagram Photo of the Month – June 2016

    Date 01 Jul 2016
    This was an early morning in Little Cottonwood Canyon. I was up shooting a snowboarder ride Mt. Superior by headlamp. After he rode his line I was taking a scenic shot of the mountain and a perfectly time bus drove through my frame This is a monthly feature of my most…

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