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  1. Instagram Photo of the Month - October 2016

    Date 01 Nov 2016
    Last season I was lucky to get a call to go to Alaska with my friend Brock who had converted a school bus into a tiny home. The plan was for a few of us to live in the bus and camp, as we snowmobile around different zones. At the…


    Date 14 Oct 2016
    This was originally an interview done by Teton Gravity Research. You can view the original piece here. I wanted to share it on my page as well as I am extremely proud that I was featured. Keep reading and learn a bit more about me._ Photographer Ben Girardi chases winter across continents,…

  3. Instagram Photo of the Month - September 2016

    Date 06 Oct 2016
    This was on my first trip to Alaska in the 2015 shooting with Full Moon Films. We shot one line of the three riders on this face, then filmer Ben Webb and picked out some more possible lines that looked really good and showed them to the girls. Robin Van Gyn strapped…

  4. A Lone Peak Adventure

    Date 18 Sep 2016
    Beautiful meadows make the hike easier. The alarm blares 4:00 AM. Ugh my eyes reluctantly open, momentarily confused as to my whereabouts. I reach for the bright phone screen and turn off the noise. It’s early, but time to get moving. We want to hike in the cool morning air.  We - Our…

  5. Instagram Photo of the Month – August 2016

    Date 03 Sep 2016
    Every summer at Cerro Catedral in Bariloche, Argentina you get one day where the full moon sets over the mountain just as the sun is coming up. Unfortunalty this year the full moon occurred during a storm day and clouds limited visibility. However the following day was clear and the view of…

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