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  1. Summer Solitude

    Date 17 Jul 2017
    Summertime in the Fingers Lakes region of Central New York is hard to beat for perfect, pleasant weather. Skaneateles Lake in particular boasts of superb water quality, clear, cool and refreshing with a laid back summer camp kind of feel. Anything from a shack nestled along a wooded waterfront to…

  2. Instagram Photo of the Month - June 2017

    Date 03 Jul 2017
    I have always wanted to see giant snow walls once things start melting out for the spring. This was a stormy day on Whistler Blackcomb and Jen and I made a last minute decision to get to the top of the mountain to check them out. With this much snow…

  3. Instagram Photo of the Month - May 2017

    Date 01 Jun 2017
    I went out this day to shoot a sunrise of the Tantalus Mountain range. I had scouted a location in the fall and had been wanting to make it back. I checked the weather the night before and saw there was a chance of some clouds in the morning. Perfect conditions…

  4. Aurora Borealis

    Date 28 May 2017
    I had the opportunity to get out the other evening and shoot the Aurora Borealis. I have seen it once before, but this was my first chance to shoot it. Coincidently I had look at the Aurora forecast earlier in the day (this isn’t something I regularly do) and saw that the…

  5. Instagram Photo of the Month - April 2017

    Date 05 May 2017
    Spine walls in Alaska are dramatic especially when side light creates deep shadows between the spines. I like that there is no scale and they could be the size of a human, or the size of a ten story building. This particular set of spines was the latter. This is one…

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