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  1. Instagram Photo of the Month - September 2017

    Date 06 Oct 2017
    This image was from near the top of the Chief in Squamish. I had gone down to Squamish with some friends later in the afternoon to hike up and take in the sunset from the top. We enjoyed beautiful views and even witnessed a few paragliders fly off the summit…

  2. Landscape Photography | A Calm Evening

    Date 29 Sep 2017
    A hike and photography at Joffre Lakes in Pemberton, BC on a sunny fall evening. Behind the scenes of my thought process and my photography. The video was shot on a Iphone 6s Still Images were shot on a Canon 5D Mk4 with a Canon 17-40 f4. I used a…

  3. Adventure Journal - Square Shooter

    Date 20 Sep 2017
    This was originally an interview by my friend Paddy O’Connell and published on Adventure Journal . You can view the original piece here. I wanted to share it on my page as well as I am extremely proud that I was featured._ The Superhero Photography of Ben Girardi “I was walking along a…

  4. Instagram Photo of the Month - August 2017

    Date 01 Sep 2017
    Traveling to the Southern Hemisphere in the middle of summer so you can go to winter is not something most people would do. For me it is one of my favourite activities. I love snowboarding just as much as when I was a little kid, and do whatever I can to…

  5. Instagram Photo of the Month - July 2017

    Date 31 Jul 2017
    Every year returning to Argentina is a shock to your system. You go from warm summer days to winter over night. This was my first day back on my snowboard for this season and it was a very cold windy days. We were in this zone hanging out for a bit…

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