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  1. Misadventures in Patagonia

    Date 08 Dec 2018
    The town of Cavihavue at the base of Volcan Copahue. Words: Jen Girardi Skiers and snowboarders are part of a nomadic tribe that can be found dreaming about the next turn, sometimes traveling to great lengths in search of pow. This summer as days were getting longer and temperatures higher,…

  2. Instagram Photo of the Month - November 2018

    Date 07 Dec 2018
    When I was a kid my family took a trip to Banff. I have a vague recollection of visiting different sites and the drastic mountains and glacier lakes that were all around. I finally had the opportunity to go back and refresh all these memories. The peaks really do wow! I…

  3. First Cover!

    Date 29 Oct 2018
    Magazine: King Snow Issue 10.2Athlete: Chris Rasman Last season I spent a few days shooting with the ManBoys in early February. We had good snow for a bit, but on the third day we went to a zone and the snow had been wind scoured. We made the call to head…

  4. Instagram Photo of Month - September 2018

    Date 02 Oct 2018
    Last winter I had the opportunity to get out snowmobiling with The Man Boys for a few days while they were filming for their new project Selective Memory. Chris Rasman hit this feature and did a frontside 360 method. The way he corked the spin made the trick look…

  5. Instagram Photo of the Month - August 2018

    Date 04 Sep 2018
    This season in Argentina was unfortunalty a very low snow year. With limited storms and warm temperatures we experienced more rain and sunny days then snow. Luckily the snow stayed good in the high alpine so the riding was sufficient. Finally towards the end of my stay the temperatures dropped and…

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