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Ben Girardi, a professional freelance photographer with an exceptional dedication to his work, is observant and detail oriented. He possesses a solid work ethic and doesn’t quit until he’s accomplished the objectives, always striving toward perfection and fulfilling client’s requirements with impressive results. Ben’s work has been used in product guides, catalogs, marketing and advertising material, social media venues, and both on-line and print magazines.

Growing up in Central New York exposed Ben to four seasons of color and weather conditions, and numerous outdoor sports and activities. He picked up a camera at an early age, and what began as a method to capture action developed into a desire to understand and create photographic art.

Ben graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a BFA in Professional Photo Illustration Advertising. Ben’s passion for photography, snowboarding, and other outdoor activities led him to move west to the big mountains and deep powder. After spending four years in Utah, Ben now bases his work out of Whistler, British Columbia.

A US Citizen with Canadian Permanent Residency, Ben’s work takes him throughout North America and around the world.

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