1. Instagram Photo of the Month - May 2017

    Date 01 Jun 2017
    I went out this day to shoot a sunrise of the Tantalus Mountain range. I had scouted a location in the fall and had been wanting to make it back. I checked the weather the night before and saw there was a chance of some clouds in the morning. Perfect conditions…

  2. Aurora Borealis

    Date 28 May 2017
    I had the opportunity to get out the other evening and shoot the Aurora Borealis. I have seen it once before, but this was my first chance to shoot it. Coincidently I had look at the Aurora forecast earlier in the day (this isn’t something I regularly do) and saw that the…

  3. Instagram Photo of the Month - April 2017

    Date 05 May 2017
    Spine walls in Alaska are dramatic especially when side light creates deep shadows between the spines. I like that there is no scale and they could be the size of a human, or the size of a ten story building. This particular set of spines was the latter. This is one…

  4. Instagram Photo of the Month - March 2017

    Date 02 Apr 2017
    I was excited to move to Whistler this past fall. I knew these mountains were awesome, but I still had hesitations as any big change can be nerve racking. I have since fallen in love with these mountains, everywhere you look massive peaks and valleys dot the horizon. You could spend…

  5. Instagram Photo of the Month - February 2017

    Date 01 Mar 2017
    Shooting from the helicopter and is commonly referred to as “doors off” is one of the most exhilarating things I have ever done. You dangling by a harness out the door as the wind is ripping, and your watching through your camera making sure to keep the rider in focus…

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